I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.
— Tom Waits

I went to one piano lesson when I was about 13. The piano teacher was bug-eyed, bald and gangly. In my very first lesson, he whacked my knuckles with an HB pencil - one of those black and yellow ones you have in school - whenever I played an incorrect note or messed up my finger position. Now I don't know about you, but that was reason enough for me not to return.

So I bought a keyboard with lights in the keys that taught you how to play the 99 tracks in its database, determined to teach myself how to play the piano. I started out learning the likes of Danny Boy, Oh Susanna, and Roll Out The Barrel; you know, the real floor fillers. But there was one song on there, track 87, that was my ultimate goal: Moonlight Sonata. Okay, so it was an abridged version but still!

I learnt it eventually and from there went on to teach myself the basics reading music, learning more difficult pieces and eventually started composing music.