Timecrimes Opening Credits

I'm a massive fan of the time-travelling thriller, Timecrimes, by Nacho Vigalondo. As I researched it the other day I was struck by a bolt of inspiration so I made this.

What Will Become Of The Last Of Us?

This video was created using the in-game camera options within The Last Of Us.

I wrote the accompanying poem and recorded the voiceovers with some help from friends.

BrainDead: Opening Credits

Remember my fascination with title sequences? No? Oh, well, this is awkward.

I created a little title sequence for the new show on Amazon Prime (CBS in America, I believe), 'BrainDead'. It's a very astute political satire told through the medium of brain-eating space bugs.

The Lion King Vs Mad Max

Have you ever wondered what the music from Mad Max could add to The Lion King?

I have.

Breaking Bad: Opening Credits

This was one of my first attempts at an opening credits sequence.

The Curiosities of Boyd

I created this a few years ago and it started off as a way of me testing and improving various skills and techniques. It developed into a short film of sorts (for want of a better term).