Oddworld: Soulstorm Title Sequence

I have once again had the opportunity to work with Oddworld Inhabitants. This time around I have constructed the title sequence to their upcoming, brand new game Oddworld: Soulstorm.

HeadSpun menu animation

HeadSpun is an upcoming game using FMV sequences about the choices you make and their affects on your life. They were looking for an animated background for the menus and title screen. This is one of the looping animations I made for them.

Horndean Technology College Ident

HTC’s science department was looking for an intro ident for their video content. Using the practical science experiments as inspiration, I created this short video for them.

Adam Duffill - I'll Be Waiting (Official Lyric Video)

Adam was seeking a lyric video to accompany his debut single and this is the finished product.

JAW Ltd / Oddworld Inhabitants

I had the absolute honour of working as a compositor for JAW Ltd and Oddworld Inhabitants on their recent release 'Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty'.

I worked closely with the game's creators, producers, artists and modellers to combine a multitude of elements into one scene. These included matte paintings and 3D models.

The final result was the first 25 seconds of the game's opening cutscene.


Let's Bid 4 Lets are a new company offering solutions to tenants and lettings agents, hoping to revolutionise the way in which tenants rent properties.

I have not only created their tutorial animation but their logo and promotional materials, too.


I have worked for TheSixthAxis for many years now creating intros and idents for their video content. This is their current intro.

They are Europe's largest independent games website covering most platforms. They publish reviews, news and original content.


Nintendo Insider

Nintendo Insider were looking for a short intro for their video channel on YouTube, wanting it to be a reference to the video game Splattoon.

The Buzzhards Ident

YouTube gaming channel, The Buzzhards, wanted a short intro for their content.

Their main focus is the video game Destiny, so their new ident features a recognisable design from the game.


A short promotional video for an App developer's game.

Upstairs At Hatters

Upstairs At Hatters are a vintage shop that sell all manner of goods. They were looking for a short promotional video for their online presence such as Facebook and YouTube.