My first children's picture book The Brave Little Flimp  will soon be available, published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.

Flimp Cover.jpg


Freddie the flimp doesn't fit the mould. On first glance, he may look like all the other flimps, but his curious limp is what the use to define him.

They say Freddie can't do what they can do. They say he's not as strong or as fast or as smart or as brave.

But when strength and bravery are needed the most, it's the flimp with a curious limp that proves everybody wrong.

The Brave Little Flimp

In 2012, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the London Paralympics. As I sat there in awe of the athleticism and talent on display, I was suddenly struck by the notion that most of these athletes have faced far more challenges and obstacles in their lives than I ever have. I was inspired by not only their talents and skill, but also their resilience and perseverance. I came up with the idea for the book following my day in London as a way to convey this to children - the class I was teaching at the time in particular - as me describing those feelings would be easily lost in translation.